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twitts of the day

  • 07:21 @elij_h Jesus, file this one under "no idea what they're talking about" #
  • 08:53 This morning could have been one for the ages when I got up two hours ago. Instead, STRESS. #
  • 08:54 Moral: never second guess that first cup of coffee #
  • 09:19 RT @OFFICIALWILEY: Twitter is a place like pandora in avatar #
  • 10:58 In 2 minds about buying the new M.I.A. Reviews are mixed - I loved "XXXO", wasn't hot at all on "Teqkilla", don't want eyehurting cover art #
  • 11:00 She should definitely be encouraged to keep doing hat she does but tbh I'm a lil burnt out on her shenanigans. Will prob download (legally). #
  • 11:01 In conclusion, will ignore everything else and cop the new Klashnekoff. Because, really, "Lionheart" was fucking amazing and its due time... #
  • 12:07 RT @robertflorence: Today, two words. DREAM. REALISE. Nothing stopping you. Do it. #
  • 12:07 @hyperfrank Philosophy. Got a C in the end but the banter was mindblowing #
  • 12:09 Uh-oh RT @empiremagazine: Who wants a Smurfs DVD box set? The first person to send us a Twitpic of themselves painted blue gets it! N #
  • 12:10 Wu-Tang's terrifying "Click Click" has been in my head all morning. August 1st. Yes. #
  • 12:12 GFT's Claire Denis strand is pretty disappointing compared to the Edinburgh Filmhouse's, no? Hope the renewed interest brings DVD releases #
  • 12:20 Re: "Click Click" - this song is evidence that "The W" is still mad underrated. A couple of weak links but good god the highs are stunning. #
  • 12:32 Oh Jesus, "Let My Niggas Live" into "I Can't Go To Sleep". I can't handle this. #wutang #
  • 12:42 Turned "The W" off. Feel like I'm about to have a panic attack listening to it. Tension. #wutang #
  • 17:43 I hope the earlier tweets made you (A) go and listen to some #wutang (B) believe I was actually having a panic attack listening to "The W" #
  • 21:38 Photo: The honest moment: I wish I looked like Kid Cudi. Yes homo. #
  • 21:53 "Stop all this cryin' and be a man" - If you follow my Twitter (and why not, you already follow plenty of... #
  • 22:01 Size? x Adidas x Glasgow - Soon come. #
  • 22:06 Photo: Kind of burnt out on her at the moment, but way good lookin’. #
  • 23:37 My iPod is still not registering album artwork for individual songs. For a massive dork like me, this is a problem. #
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